New Waza Members Announcement! UKGPL Season 20 Begins on October 10th, 2010

As weeks have gone by since the last race of Season 19 my heart has been gradually starting to crave for proper racing once more and I’m sure it’s the same for our Waza members.

Introducing Our New Drivers

Speaking of Waza members, we have (finally!) signed up a pair of strong-willed white paint loving drivers to fill-in the gap that we had for so long in the Novice and Privateers divisions. The best reward for us is that they found us and offered their services by free will, which is only to prove that there’s still hope in this world!! 🙂

I’ll leave it to Evil Waza to use his superior writing skills and make a presentation for our new members, but here I want to introduce them shortly:

  1. Bloody Waza aka Paul Whitfield aka BadBlood – this brave samurai has gone through hell to emerge ready to take on the task of pleasing HER with his determination to never give up, and we’re looking forward to helping him achieve his dream as soon as possible. As the wisest of you are probably aware, there’s no better cure for whatever problem than driving a Honda under the watchful eye of Mr. and Mrs. Glutbucket, our dedicated car mechanics.
  2. Nige Smith aka uhm… actually he’s yet to be initiated into the realm of Wazas and obtain his own unique ID that he’ll go down in racing history with (not to mention allow him to draw the powers of japanese gods to aids him). Nige has been driving for a while and been a Honda enthusiast all this time, but was too shy to let Mrs. Fujikawa know about it (and how can blame him!). He has finally taken this so important step and is looking forward to much success in the new upcoming season.

New UKGPL Season and Division Sign-Ups

As mentioned, season 20 in UKGPL is just less than a month away and preparations are in work already. The sign-up forum topics have been made by the league’s respectable admins and I urge all of you to go and post your vote into each of the divisions you plan to enter:

Well that’s it for now! Being the lazy racer that I am, it’s unlikely that I’ll be doing any practice before the season, but if any of you can organize a team practice or is in need of advice, setup and so on, do let me know and I’ll be glad to respond.

Once the season gets underway I’ll do my best to share whatever helpful things pop up in my mind as well as setups and lap replays from races.

Ja Ne…

About Itchi Waza

A passionate simracer who has been involved with virtual motorsport competition for nearly 20 years, 9 years of which online with varied success. For the last couple of years he's been a dedicated member of the highly acclaimed Hiki-Waza team and aiming to bring an even greater glory to the squad in the future.
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