Possibly the Closest Finish in UKGPL History?

Last night’s Pro ’65 race of UKGPL’s Season 21 was simply magnificent! Battling throughout the whole race, slipstreaming and exchanging positions with Natan, Fulvio and Raoni – it was a race to remember!

What was the best about it though, was the finish of the race! Since pictures say more than a 1000 words, here are a few screenshots to mark this memorable moment! And if you’re wondering about the gap, it was 3 thousands of a second in favor of Raoni. 🙂

I did a little calculation – given the speed we were traveling at when we crossed the line (~188 km/h), the distance between our cars at the finish turns out to have been aproximately 5.2 centimeters!! :O

About Itchi Waza

A passionate simracer who has been involved with virtual motorsport competition for nearly 20 years, 9 years of which online with varied success. For the last couple of years he's been a dedicated member of the highly acclaimed Hiki-Waza team and aiming to bring an even greater glory to the squad in the future.
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