Evil’s Welcome to the New Wazas

Kiki Nakawaka ( Mrs Fujikawa’s press secretary and velvet enforcer) has offered me the honour of writing a few words of welcome to our new recruits…or suffer.

For many seasons the mighty Waza organisation has swept all before them with their imperious white cars wherever they race. But, there has always been a sadness within our close knit community that we could not take our rightful place at the top of the Novices league.

However, the spirits have smiled upon us and have lifted the veil of mist from the eyes of two fresh Novices, allowing them to see the true path to humble service and sacrifice for HER glory. In this area where the pathetic green and red machines have skulked and hidden themselves away from the might of the Wazas for so long, a revolution is coming

Their training will be as it always was within the Waza brotherhood, harsh and enlightening, but rewarded with the white headband of courage and the flameproof Fundoshi as symbols of attainment of the true Waza way.

The stench of fear is rising from the pits, and the whispering has started. SHE is coming and bringing the mighty white machines with her to claim this last refuge from the round eyes.

The door is always open for those who see the light and wish to come to the knee of Mrs Fujikawa and pledge their allegiance to her cause and their victories to HER glory.

About Evil Waza

A 58 yr old GPL fan who just enjoys the fun of racing against real people rather than the AI. I am a partner in an engineering company, which does not make me rich, but I hope it will one day... and soon! Father of 2 girls and grandfather to 1 boy, so that makes me officially OLD, therefore I am allowed to be awkward and opinionated and forget things :o) Oh! and I enjoy driving HER cars because it really presents a real challenge to drive the Honda quickly and get it to the finish in any race...and of course because it cheeses people off when they get beaten by the white whale. But mostly, I aim to have some fun in GPL.
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One Response to Evil’s Welcome to the New Wazas

  1. Itchi Waza says:

    Great read as always! 🙂 Can’t wait for the new season to begin!

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