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Riverside 1960 – Track Guide and Onboard Lap Video

Tweet I did some laps earlier today to test my Honda setup for Riverside 1960, which happens to be Round 2 of UKGPL Season 20 Graduates Cup, and it appeared that the setup is quite old, but it worked quite … Continue reading

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Itchi Waza’s Setup Pack

Tweet I’ve compiled my current setups into a single ZIP file for anyone who may find them useful. There are a lot of cars and tracks that are missing, but that’s due to various reasons. Please read the included instructions.txt … Continue reading

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Race through time – a novice view

Tweet The race through time saw two novice Wazas take to the track in the 65, 66 and 67 white wonders. This post is just a personal view of, what was for me, at least, a fun, but lonely experience. … Continue reading

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To All Wazas – Instructions on How to Write New Posts on the Blog

Tweet This post intends is to all Wazas who have Author privileges and would like to write a new post on the blog. It’s not complicated, but there are a few details that you must pay attention to. Here are … Continue reading

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