Race through time – a novice view

The race through time saw two novice Wazas take to the track in the 65, 66 and 67 white wonders. This post is just a personal view of, what was for me, at least, a fun, but lonely experience. SHE has graciously allowed me some space to describe the chaos.

In race 1, the nippy 65’s were fully competetive in the hands of Evil and Jethro. Evil setting the fastest lap. Nigel took it nice and steady to round out top ten finishes. BadBlood left the handbrake on and valiantly swept the track clean after everyone else.

The 66’s provided a chance to make up a few places at the start after mayhem. I bravely avoided several cars to run fifth…

…for twenty yards and then crashed into a spinning lotus. Once again, bravely stayed at the rear to protect the team.

Ah, the 67’s – at last some pace – except not in my hands. I care for my whale and dont over-extend her. Lapping at 1:40 took some doing. I briefly considered racing when I was ahead of Nigel but he reminded me of my role for the team at the Parabolica. So I bravely came last again.

I would have liked to describe the sake fuelled kamikaze racing going ahead but sticking to my task I didn’t actually see anyone.

Roll on season 20 and fear HER wrath…

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Better driver in GPL than I am in real life (gulp). Four kids who want to drive in GPL and one wife who doesn't want us to! Work with PC's in the City of London. Anyone near Saint Pauls who wants a coffee - send me a PM
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  1. Itchi Waza says:

    Nice read, BloodyWaza! I didn’t notice you made a post, thought I’d get a notification, lol. I posted the setups you asked for in a separate blog post, as well as on the UKGPL forum.

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