Hiki-Waza is Recruiting for UKGPL Season 20

Although the season is a couple of weeks away, the doors are open for anyone willing to join our ranks in pursuit of their dream of driving the white whales (whenever the rules allow) while appealing to HER with remarkable racing.

We’re especially short of drivers (zero, in fact) in the lower categories of Novices and Privateers, so if you’re interested – send a PM to myself or Evil on the UKGPL forum or drop a comment in here. We’ll get back to you soon.

About Itchi Waza

A passionate simracer who has been involved with virtual motorsport competition for nearly 20 years, 9 years of which online with varied success. For the last couple of years he's been a dedicated member of the highly acclaimed Hiki-Waza team and aiming to bring an even greater glory to the squad in the future.
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