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A passionate simracer who has been involved with virtual motorsport competition for nearly 20 years, 9 years of which online with varied success. For the last couple of years he's been a dedicated member of the highly acclaimed Hiki-Waza team and aiming to bring an even greater glory to the squad in the future.

One Lap of Monsanto Park 1959 in ’66 Mod McLaren M2B – Round of UKGPL’s Historic Season 20

Tweet I’ve only ever driven this track once before a couple of years ago in the oAo league, so it took some time to remember it in details and figure out the reference points for braking and turn-in. Another thing … Continue reading

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A Lap Around Anderstorp in the Brabham BT26 of GPL’s 1969 Mod – Preparation for UKGPL Spec Challenge of Season 20

Tweet It’s been some time since I posted any track guides, but I’ve been busy and couldn’t do much practice before any of the races. It’s just less than a day before the actual race, but I thought I’d write … Continue reading

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One Lap of Spa Francorchamps’67 in Honda RA272

Tweet It’s been a busy week with all the different tracks used in the different UKGPL divisions, and I wanted to try and help Novices as well, even if I’m personally not racing there. It makes more sense that such … Continue reading

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An Onboard Lap Around Dijon Prenois ’81 in Brabham BT7

Tweet I’ve only driven Dijon’81 in 67 cars before, so I had to do some laps in my good old BT7 to get acquianted with how the track goes and also get some setup dialed in. The track feels quite … Continue reading

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One Lap Around Virginia International Raceway in Honda RA300

Tweet Hey people, I did 2 separate practice sessions at VIR (Virginia International Raceway) earlier today in order to get acquainted with the track and work on my setup. The track is rather tricky, so I thought I’d share my … Continue reading

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Riverside 1960 – Track Guide and Onboard Lap Video

Tweet I did some laps earlier today to test my Honda setup for Riverside 1960, which happens to be Round 2 of UKGPL Season 20 Graduates Cup, and it appeared that the setup is quite old, but it worked quite … Continue reading

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Itchi Waza’s Setup Pack

Tweet I’ve compiled my current setups into a single ZIP file for anyone who may find them useful. There are a lot of cars and tracks that are missing, but that’s due to various reasons. Please read the included instructions.txt … Continue reading

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To All Wazas – Instructions on How to Write New Posts on the Blog

Tweet This post intends is to all Wazas who have Author privileges and would like to write a new post on the blog. It’s not complicated, but there are a few details that you must pay attention to. Here are … Continue reading

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New Waza Members Announcement! UKGPL Season 20 Begins on October 10th, 2010

Tweet As weeks have gone by since the last race of Season 19 my heart has been gradually starting to crave for proper racing once more and I’m sure it’s the same for our Waza members. Introducing Our New Drivers

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UKGPL Season 19 Spec Challenge Monza10k Race 2

Tweet League: UKGPL Season: 19 Division: Spec Challenge Mod: 1969 Car: Matra Track: Monza10k Much to my surprise Tim finished behind me in the first one and suddenly the Championship situation looked better, so we went into the 2nd race … Continue reading

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